Street’s Hope will be converting a container into much needed additional office and therapy space. You can help make a significant impact in restoring women that have been victimized by the sex industry. Increasing Street’s Hope private therapy space is crucial in providing their clients with the privacy they need to process their trauma and recover.

You can help by donating towards specific materials needed for the project.  We’ve listed the total amount needed for each of the major building components and we’ve broken it down to bite size pieces so there’s a way for everyone to get involved. Don’t see the amount you wish to give? There is even a “donate any amount” button at the bottom of the list.

Want to be part of the fun, see the container taking shape, or put your efforts to work for Street’s Hope? Be sure to check the project page or Facebook to stay up-to-date on the volunteer opportunities and build days.

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Item Needed | Full Cost

Donations Ranging from $20 – $500

20′ Container | $3500 $550

Interior Trim | $100

Interior Paint | $100 Donation Filled!

Interior Wall Materials | $100 $75

Interior Shelving and Partitions | $200

Flooring Materials | $250 $150

Insulation | $400

Counseling Sofa | $200 Donation Filled!

Air Conditioning Unit | $300 Donation Filled!

Interior Door | $100 Donation filled!!

Electric Heat | $200 Donation Filled!

Counseling Chair | $200 Donation Filled!

Office Chairs | $200 Donation Filled!!

Exterior Door | $250

Exterior Framing Materials | $300 Donation filled!

Exterior Wall Finish | $300

Exterior Windows | $400 Donation Filled!

Desk | $500 Donation filled!

Electrical | $2000 Donation filled!

Concrete Slab | $2000 $500

Want to donate another amount, not listed above, click the button to the right to donate any amount to go towards project expenses.

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