What We Do

Homes of Living Hope seeks to connect communities through service. We provide the framework for volunteer groups to unite their time, talents, and resources to transform shipping containers into full-service facilities such as schools and medical clinics for underserved communities around the world. We connect organizations, schools, community groups, churches, and corporations with a service project that takes minimal time and effort, yet makes a huge impact for those that need it most.

Donor Benefits

Through their involvement in a Homes of Living Hope project, sponsors and donors gain insight into the needs of the developing world. Being part of container transformation projects empowers volunteers to create change in their local community as well as the global community. Hands-on participation unites volunteers and builds group solidarity. Volunteers learn and prosper from the invaluable experiences of service, such as positive social interaction and personal growth. Simply by applying their time, skills, and talents in a local, community-driven project, volunteers and donors meet their civic duty and create much-needed infrastructure for populations around the world.

Recipient Benefits

Project recipients gain access to essential services (i.e. medical care, education) through Homes of Living Hope infrastructure operated by international nonprofit agencies. The services provided through the donated infrastructure improve health outcomes, economic productivity, and educational attainment in these communities. Struggling communities are transformed into empowered communities, often receiving access to life-giving services such as medical care for the first time.

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Connecting Communities Through Service

schools, churches, and communities unite to make an impact

From a New Jersey High School

to a library in Uganda

From a church in Pennsylvania

to a medical clinic in Kenya

From a High School in Colorado

to a medical clinic in Mexico City

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