Homes of Living Hope relies solely on our donors’ generosity, which includes companies, foundations, and individuals. 100% of all donations are applied to the mission of transforming containers into functional facilities that serve underprivileged communities. 

Financial gifts and gifts-in-kind are the sole sources of support for Homes of Living Hope projects. Your contribution to HoLH is the most efficient donation you can make today as there are no paid staff members in our organization. 

Buckets of Love

Ways to Give


Make an Impact from Home

Did you know that your generous donation to Homes of Living Hope could be doubled at no cost to you? Many companies have Matching Gift Programs that will match the amount of your tax-deductible donation.


Help Reduce Costs by Donating Building Supplies and Materials

In-kind donations are critical to the mission of Homes of Living Hope. Each project requires generous donations to help deliver a successful facility. Groups interested in donating building supplies and materials can significantly reduce the container costs. Building materials examples include:

  • 2×4′s
  • Plywood
  • Windows
  • Paint
Projects also regularly update their needs through our website. If you would like a more up-to-date list of any project needs, take a look at our project pages!

Humanitarian Aid

Maximize Impact by Filling Containers

Prior to shipping, the container is filled with supplies to be sent along with the facility to the community in need. The items that are packed should include supplies for the type of facility that is being sent (i.e., medical supplies to accompany a medical clinic), but can also include:

  • Tools
  • School Supplies
  • Medical Equipment
Charitable donations can also be made through our “Buckets of Love” program. 

Sample Project Needs

Create an huge impact with a economical supply list. Homes of Living Hope projects require a set amount of supplies for the initial project build-out (customizations to meet the recipient’s needs will add to the list). 


Shipping Container


Volunteer Hours


Gallons of Paint


2′ x 4′


square feet wall and ceiling panels


square feet flooring

Feedback from Past Project Sponsors