Our Executive Team

Homes of Living Hope has built a team that is passionate about connecting communities through service. With a team comprised of professionals from various industries, volunteers with a shared vision, and a blend of retirees and young parents, we are ready for any challenge! Homes of Living Hope is based in the Front Range, Colorado, but happily works with teams all over the country. 

Scott (L) and Bart (R), 1962

Childhood backdoor neighbors, Scott Kalevik and Bart Wear spent their days the only way little boys know how: adventuring and trying to stay out of trouble. In a neighborhood in South Denver, Colorado, Bart’s mom babysat Scott, and the two boys grew close as they grew up. Bart’s family moved to Northglenn, Colorado, and remained friends through high school. Scott even went to Bart’s wedding in the 70s! Eventually, life got busy with careers and kids, and the two men lost contact. 

Around Bart’s retirement, he reconnected with Scott over lunch, learning about Scott’s interest and passion for the orphans of Liberia. With Scott’s vision and Bart’s execution, the first Homes of Living Hope project broke ground in 2011 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Together, Bart and Scott have cultivated Homes of Living Hope’s mission, connecting communities through service. Whether you are a school, church, or business, you will be amazed at how a container project unifies your volunteers and sets them up with a common goal of serving somebody across the world!

Scott has been a pastor at Living Hope Community Church in Aurora, Colorado since 1996. After visiting impoverished townships in the West African nation of Liberia in 2004, Scott witnessed people living without the most basic of necessities: things like shelter, medical care, education, and sanitary living conditions. Orphaned and abandoned children were living in impoverished orphanages, each day consumed with the task of survival.

Upon returning from his trip, Scott was moved to do something. With the help of co-founder Bart Wear, a simple yet effective idea was developed to allow people who live in relative abundance to help those who live with almost nothing: Homes of Living Hope. The premise of Homes of Living Hope is simple: ship the expertise, resources, and willingness of volunteers in the United States with ready-made buildings constructed inside of shipping containers.

Scott Kalevik


Bart focuses his attention on the operations of Homes of Living Hope, handling everything from coordinating volunteers to soliciting donations to supervising and coordinating construction and receiving entities.

Before co-founding Homes of Living Hope with Scott Kalevik in 2005, Bart was President of Bosk Enterprises, an industrial process electrical company  he founded in 1996. He then led construction company Casey Industrial, Inc. as President and CEO until 2011, after which he committed himself to work in the non-profit world.

When asked why Homes of Living Hope is important to him, Bart points to the holistic approach of local communities working together to help those they may never meet. Bart says that the beauty of HoLH and its mission of “connecting communities through service” is that its projects draw community members together towards a center of hope in meeting the basic needs of people across the world. HoLH is evidence that hope and caring, when fostered in one community, can transcend borders.

Bart Wear

Co-Founder and Director

Our Board of Directors

Homes of Living Hope’s board of directors is comprised of passionate champions of community building. Each board member brings their unique personal and professional experience, and together they create a dynamic team invested in successful projects. 

Scott Kalevik
Bart Wear
Tricia Akins
Josh Wear
John Lubitz
Brandon Sejera

Lead Volunteers

One of Homes of Living Hope’s cornerstone beliefs is the age-old idea of “many hands make light work.” You can see this lived out in our commitment to creating containers with as many opportunities for people to serve as possible. But you can also see it in the commitment from each volunteer in our organization. 

Comprised of highly skilled individuals with a commitment to serve to help projects run successfully, our team of volunteers is  happy to help!

Bill Lawerence, Project Manager
Kathy Rice, Project Manager
Dan Flowers, Project Manager
MacKenzie Faris, Administrative Support
Zach Wear, Media and Creative Support