Our Projects

Homes of Living Hope provides the framework for businesses and organizations to transform used shipping containers into functioning facilities such as medical clinics, schools, and general purposes spaces for under resourced communities worldwide.

Each project is as unique as the people building and ultimately receiving the completed container. 

Take a look below at our current and past projects to learn more. 

Current Projects

These projects are currently underway. Curious about what projects are under construction? Want to know how you can help? These projects each have a dedicated page to let you know all of the details and how you can help! Click the picture below to learn more about one of our current containers under construction.

Our Past Projects

The best part of a Homes of Living Hope container project is finishing it! The cherry on top of our great service projects is being able to deliver a fully functioning facility to a community in need.

Past projects can be sorted by the type of organization that built the container (business, church, school) or by the type of container created (clinic, classroom, etc.).

Take a look to learn more!