In 2020, nonprofit Edify completed the transformation of two shipping containers into classrooms for Growth Christ’s Kingdom Academy (GCK Academy) in Paynesville, Liberia.

Project Overview

Miles Traveled

Edify constructed a container to ship to their partner school in Liberia. This school provides education services to over 350 students in the neighboring communities surrounding the container. With the help of many willing volunteers, Edify has created this project as a volunteer opportunity for people who are unable to travel to Liberia to serve.

About the Recipient

Edify improves and expands sustainable Christ-centered education globally by providing training, access to loan capital, and education technology to low-fee independent private schools in underserved communities. Edify is converting two containers into classrooms that will be shipped from Dallas to Growth Christ’s Kingdom Academy (GCK Academy) in Liberia.

Edify is a free enterprise to educate impoverished children. There are hundreds of thousands of low-fee, independent schools started by local, social entrepreneurs who are from the same disadvantaged communities they serve and understand clearly the needs of the children.

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