In 2017, Homes of Living Hope partnered with Casey Industrial and MTech Mechanical to retrofit two 8’x8’x40’ shipping containers into a vocational training center for nonprofit Musana Community Development’s high school in rural eastern Uganda. 

Project Overview

People Served
Miles Traveled

The Musana Community Development containers were built in Westminster, CO and now reside at Musana’s school in Iganga, Uganda.

About the Recipient

Musana provides educational opportunities to children in Iganga, Uganda. Through a sustainable model that encourages the development of the community as a whole, Musana has been able to transform the lives of the students and families within their schools. In addition to this special education center,

Musana has established primary, secondary, and vocational schools on their campus.

Musana’s foundation is based on Christian values, the forefront being LOVE. In everything that they do, they are committed to reflect the purpose and character of Jesus, treating and recognizing all people as Jesus would. They acknowledge the God-given gift of free will and they pass that gift along to the communities they serve. It is a personal decision to accept and believe the same. They do not discriminate but abide in Jesus’ love, accepting everyone as they are and loving them unconditionally. For more info, visit


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