Springback Mattress

About the project

We are thrilled to introduce our newest container project with Springback Mattress Colorado!

The Springback project will engage volunteers from the Denver-based organization with an eco-conscious approach to humanitarian aid. They believe in the power of reusing common items to minimize our carbon footprint while maximizing opportunities for professional and personal growth of their employees. This container, which will be transformed into a medical facility, will be constructed using only recycled and reused items. As a result, this container will be a low-cost and environmentally friendly solution to providing infrastructure to an under-resourced community.

About the Sponsor

Springback Mattress Recycling is comprised of passionate people who understand the importance of giving back to their local and global communities. The guiding mission of Springback Mattress Recycling is to provide workforce experience to disenfranchised men in the community. While working with Springback, employees are entitled to workplace development, accountability coaching, and hands-on learning. In result, employees experience increased self-confidence, improved quality of living, and future employment opportunities.

The Fun is Just Getting Started!

Please continue to check back on this project, as it is scheduled to begin construction mid-summer 2021!