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Visibility for the vision is how I would describe the value of Homes of Living Hope container project and it’s impact on us here at Cheyenne Hills Church. For the past five years we have taken money to Africa for various needs like oxen, bicycles, and Bibles. And each year we come home to tell the story of the impact that happened in Africa.  The uniqueness of the medical container from Homes of Living Hope was that the impact was seen and felt by our congregation before the container ever left our property. First, there is the actual presence of a shipping container that is impossible to miss. Second, there was the growing pile of donated goods and supplies in the church lobby from both the church and the community. In addition, several help build out the interior of the container, while several others helped box, pack and load the container.  Finally, we have pictures of the container leaving our grounds full of goods and pictures of that same container being unloaded in Uganda.  All this connected our church in Wyoming to the mission in Uganda.  Furthermore, it connected our congregation to the vision of the church. We call this vision, “Ripple Effect… Across the Street and Around the World.” After Homes of Living Hope our church understood and felt the ripple they had caused.