Get Involved Spotlights Homes of Living Hope

Last December, I had numerous Homes of Living Hope supporters ask if we were part of Colorado Gives Day. I wasn’t very familiar with the program then, but I’ve since learned it is an annual day of giving for approved Colorado non-profits. Since we are a Colorado-based non-profit, I wanted to know more.

A check of the website told me there was a lot more to Colorado Gives than a one day event. Sponsored by the Community First Foundation, they provide a platform for approved non-profits to spotlight their organizations and process donations. And, they provide a much more cost effective way to process donations than other available platforms like PayPal. This was something we needed to leverage!

Being approved and included on means something. Here’s why: It’s a lot of effort to become one of their approved non-profits! We had to first fill out a request to determine if we were even eligible to apply. Then we had to attend an online training that explained the application process and how the program works. And finally, we submitted an actual application which required us to provide extensive amounts of information on our board governance, financial process and reporting and proof of all required filings and certifications.

I can tell you I was a little overwhelmed by the whole process, but as we neared the final approval, I realized their framework made sure our “house was in order.” The Colorado Gives approval process transformed us from being a well-intentioned group to being a vetted and trusted non-profit.

I’m very proud of being part of the platform. Through it, we can demonstrate not only our desire to serve the communities that build and receive the containers, but also that we do this honestly, ethically and legally. Please take a minute to check out our Colorado Gives Day page!