Monarch High School Project Updates School Projects

Monarch Open House

Congratulations to the Shazbots First Robotics team at Monarch High School for successfully converting an 8’x8’x40’ shipping container into a standalone clinic that will provide basic medical and dental services to the urban poor living in slums outside Mexico City. Thanks to their dedication, and some help from Monarch teachers and us, this project is about 90% complete. (Fill a “Bucket of Love” with supplies to help us get to 100% by September 10. click here for details)


The Monarch students, along with Homes of Living Hope, recently held an open house to show off their hard work.  Supporters of the Shazbots team, Monarch High School and Homes of Living Hope were invited to tour the completed clinic and hear first-hand from the students what went into the project. They also shared their thoughts on the impact the clinic would have on the people of the Las Palmas community of Mexico City.


When you arrived at the open house, you saw a beautifully painted container that was designed and painted by the Monarch Art Club.  You were then greeted by one of the students that had worked on the container.  They walked visitors through the clinic explaining the functions of the three different rooms and the process they went through to convert the recycled shipping container into a usable medical and dental clinic.  Check out the article in the Daily Camera.


Over and over I was told by community attendees how impressed they were with the students’ ownership of the project.  The students were proud of their efforts and glad to be part of something that would make such a big difference to others they had never met.

I enjoyed working with the students over the summer and was impressed to meet such a group of motivated and high achieving students.  I was pleased the greater Louisville community came together to support them and that Homes of Living Hope was able to be part of helping these students make a difference.

Thanks to Victory Media for coming out and putting this great video together for us!