Monarch High School Project Updates School Projects

How Many Miles Can You Support?

Monarch High School students have done an amazing job transforming a lifeless shipping container into a medical and dental clinic for the underserved San Jose Las Palmas neighborhood in Mexico City.

The students have worked hard gathering donations (both financially and in-kind) to build and fill the container with equipment and supplies. The current need is fundraising the money needed to get the container to Mexico City. Now, lets join together to transport the container from a school project to a usable clinic that Connexion Mosaico will receive and staff. The trip to Mexico City costs about $3.00 per mile. Can we count on you to sponsor a short part of the 1,800 mile trip?

There are several way to you can help:

  • Social media – We will promote the Monarch fundraising campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  If you see it, please click the “share” button to get the message out to more people.
  • Email – Please feel free to e.mail this information inviting your contacts to support this campaign either by sharing a social media post or donating directly.
  • Donations – It costs about $3/mile to transport the clinic. Can we count on YOU to sponsor part of the 1,800 mile trip? Please consider donating using the following link:  Thank you!